Made to pause.

  • Mindfulness

    Making ceramics for me is like meditation with my hands. I'm putting a lot of time and love into each piece, and I bet you can feel and taste it. I'd like to encourage you have a moment with yourself too when you're using them!

  • Handmade

    Each piece is completely handmade – from start to finish. That's why each piece is unique, and might not be perfectly round or have the exact same size as another one. That's what makes my ceramics special.

  • Sustainability

    I'm trying to produce my ceramics as sustainable as possible. My clay comes from a german company, everything is produced in Munich – and I'm consicously producing only small batches once at a time.

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Made for quality time.

For everyone who would like to try doing ceramics themselves: book your quality me-time now and come enjoy doing pottery with me!

The story behind

Nice to meet you, stranger! This is me, Anna, the person behind this small label called Naruka. I'm very happy I can share my love for mindfulness and unique handmade ceramics with the world! Let me tell you a bit about the face behind.

Photo: © Lisa Hantke

All about Anna