About Anna

The face behind

I’m Anna, 29 years old & I guess I can slowly call myself a potter. Kind of. I’m not a trained one, I just attended a lot of pottery workshops at Töpferwelt Handkraft last year, fell absolutely in love with it & never want to stop again, haha. Since our kitchen has very limited space & not enough room for all my pieces anymore, I’m ready to share them with the world 🙃 Narukaceramics is now officially my little side business since February 2022, next to my part time job as a UX designer, and creative freelancer.

And what does naruka actually mean? Let me tell you one thing: I’m very bad with namings. So I just took all the letters of my first and last name, mixed them together until naruka came out. Sounded nice, googled it - turns out it’s japanese for “formation”. That’s it, perfect match. For me and my little clay formation journey.

The studio

I'm still dreaming of my very own studio – but one step at a time. In the meantime I found a (literally) pretty good alternative 😉 Two days a week you can find me at Studio Tonbo.

The girls have a ceramics label too, and they were looking for someone to share their studio with. Very lucky coincidence I would say as I was looking for an atelier & I absolutely love being there! My kind of happy place.

Pottery workshops

I'm not offering pottery workshops myself yet, but I can warmly recommend the place where I learned how to do pottery. It's a small studio close to Munich called Töpferwelt Handkraft where you can do single evening classes. Please check them out!

If you like to do a pottery class in the studio I'm working in myself, you can check out the weekend workshop classes from Studio Tonbo, too.

Töpferwelt Handkraft

Photos are taken by my dear friend Mo. Please check him out!